"Bambi Kirschner’s


present a bizarre,

hyperreal 21st Century

digital girl's world"

- Its Nice That


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About Bambi

Bambi Kirschner is a self-taught 3D artist originally from London, but has spent half her life in Toronto, Canada where she discovered her love for animation. Through whimsical colour and texture, Bambi moulds glamorous dreamscapes and scenario’s, pulling inspiration from various artists such as Jesse Kanda, Maurice Binder to Prince. She seeks to explore the hyperreal, never-ending experimental nature of her medium to push boundaries into the future of art. Her work has been featured in popular art publications such as 'It’s Nice That' and 'Polyester Zine.' She has also worked with a number of artists from the label Pop Guru as well as recent video work for artists, Terrane and Fred Lessore.